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I am currently a research assistant at Systems Neuroscience lab in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. We are studying visual processing of larvae zebrafish. I am interested on how the brain process information, from the sensory systems, leading to a specific behavior. I use computer vision to study the kinematics of the behavior in real-time, and whole-brain functional imaging to find its neural correlates. I utilize the skills I learned from Applied Physics to build behavioral, and optical setups. I want to push the boundaries of the technology we are using to understand the brain through optical imaging, and optical interventions.┬áMy vision is to look at the whole-brain activity of a free moving animal with an ultra-fast temporal resolution, and a spatial resolution that can visualize in a synaptic level while perturbing or activating specific neurons. Here are some of my current, and past research works with fascinating scientists around the globe. I apologize for some of it are not yet complete. I am still building my website while at the same time doing my amazing fish experiments, studying for GRE, learning Chinese Mandarin, hiking around Hong Kong, reading interesting neuroscience papers (maybe one of yours), preparing for CSH Asia and CAJAL workshops, SFN meeting (give me a buzz if you’re attending), and most importantly, my PhD applications this year (perhaps you are recruiting, please do let me know! Though I should be the one to contact you.. Shame on me..) Anyway, thanks for visiting my site! I commend your patience reading this.

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